Hi! My name is Tess Barber.

In the 5 years since I graduated from Notre Dame, I've worked as a magazine writer, a book editor, in communications at a university, and now part-time as a freelance editor; I've lived in 5 apartments in 3 states; and I met and married the love of my life, Frank Barber. I call this blog about our life "Little House in Chicago" for two reasons: 1.) It very literally describes our situation living in a TINY one-bedroom apartment on the South Side of Chicago and 2.) It metaphorically conveys our life philosophy of trying to do things the "Little House way" by making things from scratch, buying things used and thrifted, growing our own food during the summer months (in pots on our teeny patio), and generally saving money wherever possible by practicing (very low-key) "urban homesteading." We are always looking for new ways to do that and would love to hear your best tips!

Frank is a newly-minted attorney who channels Gilbert Blythe (the Anne movies are his favorites) and can generally be found playing fantasy baseball/football and keeping up with every sports team in existence (I'm pretty sure he could sub in as a commentator for ANY sports event at a moment's notice), grocery shopping (he finds it relaxing?), and cooking delicious meals. My role model, meanwhile, is Laura Ingalls—and really the whole Ingalls-Wilder clan—I kind of want to be Ma Ingalls when I grow up. Hence the urban homesteading. Someday we dream of having dogs and chickens and a big old garden, although we are loving our adventure in city living in the meantime. I can generally be found reading mommy blogs, planning parties, and attempting wild new recipes (I have about a 50% success rate there).

We moved to Chicago from Virginia and got married in May 2013. We wanted to be closer to my family, who live in the Chicago suburbs, but we still miss Virginia and our wonderful friends there. Our son, "Iggy", was born in May 2014, and we are loving life as new parents with the joy, laughter, and sleep deprivation that a little one brings to a family.

I believe that "A life worth living is a life worth recording." I also believe that blogs are for making connections online that you can take offline (hello to my many readers who have become real-life friends!). If you like what you read here, leave a comment or shoot me an email. I'd love to hear from you!

Contact: tmcbarber at gmail.com