Saturday, May 30, 2009

How this all got started

It started with a baby shower, actually.

My mother's friend was expecting her second child. She already had plenty of baby supplies, so she decided instead to throw a "book shower"- her friends would bring the books they loved to start off a family library. She wanted her children to love books early, and to have plenty of good ones to choose from.

Can you guess that I idolize this lady?

My mom was flustered when she told me about the shower. She didn't know what books to bring.

"I think I'll pick up some picture books from Barnes and Noble," she said.

I said, "No, no, no."

I knew exactly what books should be in every child's library- books that they will enjoy as children, but that are profound enough for them to return to with increasing admiration as they grow up. Books that will remain beloved favorites well into adulthood.

"You need to get three books," I said. "'A Little Princess' in case it's a girl, 'The Little Prince' for if it's a boy, and 'Peter Pan' either way." The girl-boy distinction was needless, as I knew that these three books are the sort that both boys and girls can love.

My mom was pleased with my suggestions. She bought the books and they were a success at the shower.

I realized then that I would make an excellent book consultant, if such a thing is possible- to tell people, based on their interests and reading level, what absolutely fabulous books they will fall utterly in love with. It's not hard to do- there are so many marvelous books that most anyone would love.

Unfortunately, "book consultant" isn't a real job. I started this blog so that I can recommend books anyway.

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