Monday, February 8, 2010

Professional Babysitter Right Here

Tonight I am babysitting my beautiful little cousins Tatiana and Andrey. We spun around on the swivelly chairs until I felt dizzy (but they wanted to keep spinning). Then I let them walk on my back and gave them piggy-back rides. I was about to collapse when it was finally bedtime.

Andrey fell asleep quickly, but Tatiana would not fall asleep. I read stories and sang lullabies. But nothin' doin'. She was still wired.

I finally took her to the computer and let her watch the video for "Love Story" by Taylor Swift, warning her "Do NOT tell your mum." And you know what? It did the trick. There's nothing like a healthy dose of Taylor Swift to send a 5-year-old off to dreamland with a smile. See, I told you I'm a pro.

Love, BG

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