Friday, February 19, 2010

Inside Jokes

Don't you hate it when people laugh and laugh, and when you ask them "What's so funny?" they say, "Oh nothing, it's just an inside joke." Actually, most people don't do that after junior high. But I remember I used to find it annoying.

As it turns out, this post is a little bit of an inside joke with my mom. But I will explain it to you, because that's just the kinda gal I am.

Activia is my favorite kind of yogurt. Yum. Even the plain vanilla flavor is just delicious. But my mom buys Yoplait. So the first week of Christmas break, we kept having conversations that sounded like this:
"Mum, will you buy Activia next time you're at the grocery store?"
"Mama, you know Activia is really good for you! It naturally regulates your digestive system!"
"Mum, can we please get Activia? Please?"

Because my mom is awesome, one day she came home from the grocery store and said, "Guess what I bought you." For the rest of Christmas vacation, I was a happy camper. Then I left Chicago, said goodbye to my family, my friends and all my familiar food brands (Goodbye Skippy's peanut butter! So long, Edy's!) and ventured out into an unknown culinary world... only to find that here in London, Activia is pretty popular too.

Mama, don't you think maybe I was meant to be British? They love Activia almost as much as I do.

Kisses, BG

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