Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shakespeare is the man

There's a family story my dad loves to tell. When I was 13, my family took a road trip to Yellowstone- across the country. 8 people in one car for a week. "Pack light," my dad warned, "and only bring what you need." Halfway there my parents turned around to find me reading. But I wasn't just reading any old book- oh no. I was reading my dad's gigantic Riverside anthology of the complete works of Shakespeare. Nobody could understand what possessed me to bring it, but I remember why: I had the goal of reading all of Shakespeare's plays, and I figured the road trip was the perfect opportunity. That's just the kind of kid I was at 13. Don't ask me why.

I have loved Shakespeare since I first encountered him. Of course I've memorized plenty of the sonnets and parts of the plays too. Can you identify which work each quote is from? No Google, that's cheating!

1. "Soft! What light from yonder window breaks?"
2. "To die, to sleep, no more."
3. "Then come and kiss me, sweet and twenty."
4. "When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st."
5. "'Tis mightiest in the mighty."

Winner gets a prize!

Anyways, I walk past this store every day on the way to school.

"Forbidden Planet" is the name of an old movie, a sci-fi adaptation of The Tempest.
My take on it: "Really cheesy, weird movie."
My dad's take on it: "Best adaptation of a Shakespeare play I've ever seen."
I don't know, you decide. I can't get past the wonky costumes and seriously artificial robots.
Agree to disagree, right?

One thing we CAN agree on is The Tempest. It is my favorite and my dad's favorite. Sometimes I like to think that we are a little bit like Prospero and Miranda- because doesn't every little girl think her dad has magic powers? So this post is a shout-out to my dad, because every day when I walk past this store I think of him.

Love, The Book Girl

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