Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Dates

Valentine's Day dinner out. Don't I look a little dazed in this pic?

I was a little nervous about Valentine's Day this year, since it was my first time being single in 4 years. But the day turned out just right.

After 11 am Mass, I made chocolate cheesecake cupcakes and strawberry sangria for my roommates and I.

Then Katherine and Matt came over- my two "new best friends." I picked them up in a pub in Oxford. Not really, I actually met them in a back alley at Oxford. Does that make it better? (Just kidding, Mum, we had a tutorial with an Oxford prof together.)

Katherine is the oldest of 10 kids, her dad is a Greek Orthodox priest, and I swear she is my long-lost triplet. We went out for Greek food today because she's been craving it for weeks. The beef with wine and honey was a life-changing culinary experience. I can't pronounce the Greek name, but if that is the last thing I ever eat on this earth, I will die happy.

Then I went to a pub with
these guys, AKA the Fantastic Four, AKA all that is awesome with the world. I really love them.

Some people call it Singles' Awareness Day and get all bitter. But I know now for sure, you can be single and still have a happy Valentine's day!

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