Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My London

Last week my friend emailed me: "Tell me about London!" Part of me wanted to respond "You could just read my blog!" But I knew he wanted a personal response. Words meant just for him, that would explain my life here.

I took a few days to answer. My London is different from any other person's, and how could I put it into words? I won't say what I wrote back (it was meant just for him, remember?) but here are a few ways this mad, bright, glorious city is becoming home for me:

Every Catholic church between Hyde Park to the West and Borough Market to the East has received a visit from me. If you are in London and need to go to Mass, I am your girl. I have my favorites: good old St. Etheldreda's and Farm Street Church, which (already!) has so many happy memories.

I have two favorite cupcake shops already: Candy Cakes and the Hummingbird Bakery. When I grow up, can I open a cupcake shop? Really, can I?

My London is the Notre Dame program. Teatime on Tuesdays, brilliant professors, and scores of wonderful friends. The ND flag waving high above Trafalgar Square. My London (and everyone's London) is cold, drizzly, windy for days... and then along comes a day of glowing sunshine that shocks me and warms me and makes me fall in love with this city. Again.

My London is going to pray at the Opus Dei center 15 min from my flat, and then going to the Cheshire Cheese pub (15 min in the other direction) for a pint with my friends. My London is all the things I love from home, with a new twist: armloads of books... from Charing Cross library. A snack after school... with a hot cup of Twinings tea. Nutella instead of peanut butter, Digestive cookies instead of Pillsbury.

My London is magical. We didn't get along so great at first. But I don't get lost anymore. My feet don't hurt anymore from walking everywhere. Just like Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, our initial distrust has become true love.

I love you London, The Book Girl


  1. Have you been here yet? My aunt told me about it the day before we left so I didn't have time.


  2. No I haven't- but I really want to! It's definitely on my London bucket list. :)