Thursday, May 6, 2010

I feel in disgrace

Josh and I in New York last summer. Is it just me or do I look really Asian in this picture?

Last night I went to Formal Dining Hall at Oxford with Josh and Lillian, where I ate the most delicious 3-course meal (best steak I've ever had, plus pear creme brulee for dessert!) and learned some new British slang ("larry" means "weird," "battered" means "drunk," "rammed" means "crowded." For example, "This pub is always completely rammed" or "He was being a bit larry today, probably because he got battered last night.") I love, love, love Oxford. What's a girl got to do to go there for grad school? No, but really?

Lillian and I got back to Baker Street, where my aunt lives, at 11:45 pm. My Grandma and Grandpa are staying in London now (they just got here yesterday!) and my grandma had a conniption about me going home alone at that hour. So I called Sam and asked him to meet me at the Farringdon tube stop. Because he is a wonderful gentleman and will do things like that.

Sam (center) and I in happier times

15 minutes later, I am standing in the Farringdon station - Sam is nowhere to be seen. The station closes in 20 minutes, and my flat is only 8 minutes away, down a busy main road. I decide to start walking towards the flats, figuring I will see Sam on the way. Nope, no sign of him. I figured he was just running really late and hadn't left his room yet. And then just as I reached my flat, Sam called me: "I'm at Farringdon. Where are you?"

Ugh, what a dumb mistake! I felt terrible for dragging him out of his room at midnight anyways, and to do it all for nothing? I really think he is mad at me, and I don't blame him. I just hope he will forgive me in time to enjoy our last days in London together!

Post-Edit: He forgave me. :)

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  1. all these accusations of me being mad at you...