Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

It's Indian summer here at Notre Dame, with sunshine, warm grass and blue skies. What a lovely day to be alive.

How was my weekend? Oh, just a blast. :) It's great to be a senior and 21, too.

I spent Thursday sitting out on the quad with Samwise and Lillian for hours, then we went to Sam's friend's apartment for a boys' night (plus me) watching "(500) Days of Summer." Great movie.

Friday I went to the pep rally, where, in a typical klutzy move, I fell through a folding chair and messed up my ankle. On the plus side, I got to sit in the wheelchair section at the football game Saturday, which gave me an excellent view... of our loss to Stanford. *sigh* Notre Dame football, you continue to disappoint me.

Friday night, I went to a Great Gatsby-themed housewarming party and then a 21st birthday party. Saturday was my first time going out to a South Bend bar. We hit up the Linebacker, which had plenty of character and lots of my friends in attendance - just what I look for in a bar. Sunday night, Shannon and I went to Sam's dorm, Dillon Hall, for Mass... we may make this a weekly tradition.

Tonight there is a reunion of the Notre Dame London Program, where I spent last semester. Should be a good time.

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