Sunday, November 28, 2010

Unexpected Visitors

After writing the last post, I plopped into bed and fell asleep... but not for long. At 5:02 am, I woke up suddenly to a text message from Jon, Sam's dorm friend, that read: "If you were stranded in Chicago for 12 plus hours and had no money, what would you do?" I groggily threw out a few ideas before venturing, "Do you want to just come hang out at my house?"

The long and short of it is that Jon joined my family for Mass and brunch and then drove me to the airport to pick up Sam. Then both boys hunkered down at my house to help my family decorate our Christmas tree, while my mom force-fed Sam pancakes and sausages and Jon won my littlest sister Angela's heart forever by serenading her on the guitar. Sam had the distinct pleasure of watching us take our annual family photo - a hair-raising process involving tears from Angela, rambunctiousness from Joseph, angst from the three teenagers, and all-around scratch marks from a tragically-placed pine branch. Sam may never be the same. Then Lillian, Sam and I rolled off to school, while Jon stuck around to eat pizza with my family, play sports with my little brother, and charm the socks off my entire family.

It was an absurdly fun day. I sang Christmas songs and hooked ornaments on pine branches until my fingers got pinchy. I watched Jon roughhouse with my little brother and talk sports with my dad. I listened to Sam strum "Oh Cecilia" on the guitar while Angela hammed it up with her own dance routine. And I realized a wonderful little fact that all girls should know: good guy friends are even better than a boyfriend. Twice the fun with none of the commitment. Plus there's no pressure so your family will (almost definitely) love them. Now why didn't I think of that before? :)

Addendum: Sam pointed out after reading this, "Good guy friends aren't necessarily better than a boyfriend, they're just better than the wrong boyfriend." True that.

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