Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Gingerdead Man

Thursday night of finals week, Sam and Dan rented the horrendous B movie "Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus" and we watched it over at Rob's, while snacking on Ben and Jerry's and playing pool (in Rob's and my case). It was a close call between that or "The Gingerdead Man" but ultimately the guys' holiday spirit prevailed and they opted for the less disturbing of the two films (I think). Anyway, fast forward to Sunday brunch today when Angela said "Let's go home and make a gingerbread man!" "More like GingerDEAD man," Caroline muttered and I turned to my young sister in amazement. "HOW do you know the gingerdead man??" Turns out that she and her friends have the same hobby as Sam and Dan.

Yesterday while cooking dinner, I said to Cathy, "What song should we sing next?" She rolled her eyes and said "Little Lion Man," convinced that I would just shake my head in befuzzlement. Instead, I exclaimed "Mumford and Sons??" and she was so thrilled that she hugged me on the spot. Turns out my little sister has the same music taste as Alex, who has undertaken my belated musical education.

Generally speaking, I'm the culturally clueless one of the family. This week, though, my sisters can't get over my unusually wide knowledge of movies and music. I even know who Antoine Dodson is. So this post is a great big shout-out to all my friends, Dan, Sam, Alex, Shannon and the rest (you know who you are), who show me Youtube videos, movies and music. You make me look cool in front of my family. Thanks, guys.


  1. It's my half birthday! :)

  2. And in January, I'll give you that long-hyped mix CD as a belated Christmas present. haha I figure since we've been talking about me making one for you for like... 3 years, there's no time like the present to get around to things :)

  3. For your half birthday, Sam, I gift you a mention on my blog. Happy? :)

    Shannon... I can't wait!