Monday, January 3, 2011

Going Postal

Two nights ago Angela crawled into my bed at 4 am, as she is wont to do. I tried to fall back asleep but she was fully determined to voice the worries of her little mind, the first of which was:

"Theresa, where are you gonna live after you graduate?" [In case I didn't make it obvious, I'm graduating from college in 5 months. I know you guys are all "Hot potato! What are you gonna tell us next, Tess? Do you like books or something too??"]

"I dunno," I mumbled, then it hit me that I could use her concern to my advantage. God hears the prayers of children twice (right? Isn't that a thing? Pretend it's a thing) and I can always use more prayers. So I said, "Hey Angela, how about you pray for me to get a job in Chicago? Then I can still live close to you."

That sweet little peanut responded, "I'll pray for you to get a job in Hinsdale [our town] so you can live at home. You can work at Gap Kids like you used to. Remember that one time I visited you at work and you let me go behind the counter and get a sticker?"

Um, not quite the professional future I had in mind. So I corrected her, "No honey, see, I want to work in a big building, like a skyscraper. With offices and big windows and a desk chair that twirls."

"You could work at the Coldstone [ice cream shop]," she opined. "No actually, that's not a good idea 'cause Maria works there already."

I was starting to get worried. Please don't be listening to her prayer right this minute, God, I thought and then gave it another shot at remedying the situation.

"Angela, I mean like a really big building. Like a super serious grown-up job." (Incidentally, I think I'll put that objective on my resume.)

"Ok. Ok." She paused to ponder for a minute and then the eureka moment came. "Oh I know. You can work at the post office!"

So guys, my professional career is all mapped out, thanks to my littlest sister. Awesome.


  1. Awww... your little sister is really dreaming big for you. :)

    On another note, have you seen this (although, I'm sure you have): http://seraphicsinglescummings.blogspot.com/2011/01/live-in-south-bend-its-seraphic.html

  2. This is absolutely precious!

  3. Thanks Anna! That kid is always hilarious.

    Vanessa, thanks for posting that! I actually hadn't seen it yet and of course I was thrilled. I'm definitely going to get her to sign my book. I already commented on her post to let her know how excited I am.

    Sam, don't be jeal.