Monday, February 14, 2011

I Love Love

Happy Love Day! That's what I'm calling it anyway, because there are so many people I love and that's who I'm celebrating today.

I was a little worried leading up to today. As you all know, I've been single for the past year and a half, and this is only my second single Valentine's Day in recent memory. Last year's Love Day was hilarious. I was studying abroad in London and I went out to dinner at a Greek restaurant with a random (really nice) guy and girl I met in a bar at Oxford. Then they left to catch their train and I went to a pub with Sam, John and Joey. Halfway through their dinner I said, "Hey guys, happy Valentine's Day!" and they were all "It's Valentine's Day?" and then we all had a pint. It was ridiculous and awesome.

So today I woke up early (7:30 am, ew) to finish some homework. I had an orange and a bagel for breakfast, went to Metaphysics class, blah blah blah, then I checked my email at 11:30 and my friend Michelle had messaged me congratulations for appearing on my very favorite blog ever with a special shout-out. My beloved Auntie Seraphic (or Dorothy as I call her, yes we are on a first-name basis, don't be jeal) said THE nicest thing about me: "Tess, for example, has a smile that could light up the mines of Moria." There's no way she could have known this, but I've always been a little self-conscious about my smile because it's crooked (a teeny part of my face is paralyzed) and her comment blew away all my doubts and self-consciousness. I have a smile that lights up the mines of Moria! I thought in utter shock, and then I decided to smile at everyone who crossed my path all day, you know, just for practice. Shining that smile and all. Just think about how I felt; all these years I thought I had a weird smile, and she liked it. Wow. I was one happy camper all day after that.

In the evening I went out for dessert and drinks with a bunch of my PLS girlfriends. My lovely twin Lillian planned the whole event, right down to buying us all roses. When us 7 girls walked into Kildare's Irish pub each holding a rose, we caused quite a scene. Heads turned if ya know what I mean. :) We all ordered delicious girly cocktails and chocolatey desserts and went around the table taking turns telling the story of how our parents met. We heard some pretty adorable stories and had so much fun.

I've just been walking around all day with a massive smile plastered on my face. I love so many things and so many people. My mom gave me red roses today and my dorm offered a bowl full of Dove chocolate hearts. Sam and Dan drank celebratory pink champagne with me and Alex agreed to be my "valentine." And of course, there was Auntie Seraphic's beautiful comment to light up my whole day.

Is it any wonder that I really, truly, madly, deeply love Valentine's Day?

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