Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Evening

Some Sundays I would have just left Dillon Mass at this time, but since I went to Mass on retreat this morning, instead I'm here in my room struggling through William James, aka zero on the fun scale. On the other hand I have a breakfast date at 8:30 am with two of my favorite grad students, who both went to TAC for undergrad and who are hilarious and awesome... can't wait!

So I suppose you're wondering... how was my retreat? The thing about a silent retreat is that it's only externally silent; in your heart, you are in constant conversation with God. Or if you're me, kind of with other people. Whoops. Here are a few of the highlights...

Staying up late last night (til 12:20 am! Oh the scandal!) talking with Vanessa aka awesomest sophomore at Notre Dame (don't tell Rebecca I said that. But she doesn't read my blog so she'll never know, muahaha), Catherine "I went on five first dates last month, my life is so hard" Korson (Vanes and I made fun of her plenty for that), and Rocio from Spain who traveled two days (!!) just to get to Shellbourne. She's lovely and a trooper and I can't wait to have her come visit my house (same goes for Catherine and of course for you, Vanessa).

We totally got busted for talking too. Living life on the edge is what I call it. I think that the most rebellious act of my youth has been talking on silent retreat. Ha. :)

Let's see, what else... I read The Temperament God Gave You which is full of brilliance. The book lays out the four basic personality types with advice for getting along with each kind. I'm as sanguine as they come, no surprise. Really helpful, sensible book. I'm recommending it to my mom - it's that good.

Back to the reading. Wish me luck!


  1. I'm a bizarre mix of choleric and phlegmatic. You are also *such* a rebel :)

  2. Tess, you are such a troublemaker! It was THE greatest night! I felt so rebellious, guess that's why I loved it. muahahaha

    Catherine was hilarious! I felt so sorry for her "hard life."

    And Rocio was a class act! So glad we met her.

    hahaha.... good times! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.