Thursday, August 18, 2011

Everything Happens at Once

Have you ever noticed that? Life will be quietly trucking along, nothing remarkable, when suddenly a bunch of different things all come together at the same time. It's wild.

Back in the spring, my dear old friend Alex K. applied to Notre Dame Law School. When he told me this, I responded with the usual impetuous energy of my go-getter nature. I emailed law school professors and students, set up meetings with the former, raked in advice from the latter, and did everything I could to help make his application strong. Then he got wait-listed. I contacted admissions counselors, I gave him even more advice. Finally there was nothing else I could do but pray. So I went for that with equal gusto, adding Rosary to Rosary and Mass to Mass, all for the heartfelt intention of his law school admittance.

As summer drew to a close, I began to change my attitude. I did not give up hope, but instead of begging God, "Please let Alex off the wait-list and into law school!", I instead just said, "May Your will be done. If he will be a happier and holier person by going to a different law school, then let it be so." But the prayers continued. With no news from Notre Dame, Alex went ahead and enrolled at Emory, where he had been accepted, and where he was due to start this week. So while I was home last week, I knew it was crunch time. I even had little Joseph and Angela saying prayers and lighting candles at daily Mass. And through it all, one constant theme: "I trust you, God, that Alex will end up where he's meant to be."

Trusting like that is not the easiest, but boy does it pay off. Yesterday he got a phone call from the Dean of Admissions at ND Law, and the message was confirmed this morning. Alex got in. Countless prayers have been answered "Yes" at last. There is a lot of rejoicing going on here in my life, and no doubt in Alex's too.

As if that news were not enough, I found out earlier this week that my all-time favorite blogger, Stephanie Nielson, is pregnant at last after her accident three years ago. She has wanted a baby for so long, and I, along with countless others, have offered many prayers on her behalf. God is good, that's all I have to say.

And everything else just keeps getting better and better. Tonight is my housewarming party for my new apartment, and I managed to get the bathroom finished - which is crucial for me, because I always judge a place by its bathrooms. Mine is dreamy in golds and creams, with the most beautiful gold-edged hand towels from Bed Bath & Beyond, plus I snagged the very last of the elegant pale gold shower curtains that were on sale. A scented candle and matching bath mat finish off the look. I'm sorry, no visual, but I promise to put pictures up soon! We don't get internet in the apartment until this weekend so until then I'm hampered.

This is my first time throwing a party all by myself, so I'm pretty nervous, and it didn't help my nerves that my roommate was planning to show up late herself. The idea of prepping everything for the party by myself seemed pretty intimidating. But then, last night, one of my dear old friends from college (oh yes, college. Remember those halcyon days, so long ago?) texted me that she'll be in town for the weekend, and she's coming to my apartment early - so I'll have her merry company as I party plan. I'm awfully happy about that.

Party, pregnancy, law school - this week is full of excitement. I wonder what's coming up next!

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