Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Visit Home

As I write this blog post, I have so far been interrupted by Joseph chasing Angela through the computer room with a large stick (which I confiscated) and Mum coming in to lead the kids in praying the noon Angelus (which I joined in rather reluctantly - I'd be lying if I said I'm always excited about praying). Now the children are getting ready to go to the pool down the street and I'm racking my brains to think of something to write about in the 5 precious minutes I've managed to steal with the family computer.

Last night I went over to Lillian's new apartment. We had dinner with our old friend Claire and got dessert at the cutest little 24/7 diner, where we practically gave the waitress a fit because of how long it took us to order (crepes and blueberry pie ultimately won the day). After Claire left, Lillian and I sat in our car until 2 in the morning, hashing out a number of topics dear to our hearts that just couldn't be said over the phone. It was bliss, pure and simple, even when we disagreed. Maybe I shouldn't write on a public blog that I love her more than any other human being I've ever met, and I never get tired of being with her (even after almost 22 years together!), and I hope that (if God gives me the grace to get married) I'll someday find a man half as interesting and lovable as she is - but well, I love her, and I don't care who knows it! In other words, it was the best.

Now I am going to the mall with my mom to buy professional work clothes, so that next time I'm invited to the Capitol, I'll have something to wear. Did we discuss what happened last time I went to the Capitol for a news conference? Besides the parts where I impersonated a representative from Maryland at a security guard's recommendation (I'm not kidding) and got kicked out of politely asked to leave the upper hearing rooms, I also discovered at the end of my eventful visit that the chic, sleek gray dress I was wearing had a big hole in the back - right over the seat! I pretty much died of embarrassment. And so, off to the mall we go.


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  1. I love you too. I've been thinking about that too, this first time I've seen you in two months - I hope I get along with my husband as well as we do. When we're together life just becomes happier, easier, and much more fun. The temporary separation just re-enforced that. It's not always easy being a twin, but I am SO thankful for you and our relationship. I love being your twin.