Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why Do I Blog?

Lately I read this post on a blog I follow. The author was talking about how embarrassed she used to be that she kept a blog.

Blogging is a pretty weird hobby, now that I think about it. I write down the random ramblings that pass through my brain in the hopes that someone, somewhere out there, will need to read them. In the hope that what I think and say and believe can affect someone else. Also to amuse my sister, who is my #1 blog reader. And also for myself to remember - it's so much fun to look back at some of the things I wrote in London or at Notre Dame and to ponder how much I've changed and grown.

But I will admit, I'm pretty embarrassed about my blog sometimes. I really worry about people reading it who don't know me in real life. "They will probably think I'm crazy," is my general fear, "or at least excessively weird." It's hard to represent yourself properly on the internet.

Lately I've been thinking about putting a link to this blog in the "About Me" section of Facebook. But honestly, I'm way too chicken. There just seems to be so many ways that could go wrong.

Anyway, there isn't really any big noble reason that I keep a blog. Unlike Auntie Seraphic, who dispenses wise advice that makes her a superhero to young single Catholic girls, I'm not really helping anybody or giving much wisdom.

But sometimes, something I write cracks someone up.

Sometimes, something I write makes someone tear up.

And sometimes, every now and then, once in a blue moon, I get an email or comment or Facebook message that says, "Thanks for what you wrote." Or even better, "I like what you wrote."

Then I grin from ear to ear for approximately 8 hours.

I think that's a pretty good reason to blog, don't you? 


  1. At times, I'm kind of embarrassed about my blog too. But at the same time, I feel the need to keep a blog and communicate my thoughts for the same reasons you listed. Once I mentioned my blog in a conversation with a friend and her reaction was "You have a blog? I'm going to tell everyone!" For some reason that made me insecure, so I ran to the library and made it private. But only for an hour. :)
    I don't know you in real life, but I really do enjoy your posts. Thanks for blogging. :)

  2. You know, I've done that too! Every now and then I freak out about someone reading this and make it private. I've done it a few times now. But I ultimately keep coming back to it, for reasons like the ones mentioned, and because of nice comments from people like you. :) So thanks right back atcha for reading, and even more, for commenting!