Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Morning Dates & Sing-alongs

Yesterday morning I had my weekly "date" at 8 am. I hadn't been to Adoration in almost a month because of Christmas and then because of all the visitors I've been having. I missed it. It was just what I needed to start the week off right.

Today I had another morning date, this time with a guy I know. We met at the metro station at 7:30 am and made it to St. Matthew's Cathedral just in time for 8 am Mass. After that, we went to Caribou for coffee and scones.

There's just something about going to Mass with someone. Do you know what I mean? It's the most connecting, uniting feeling in the world. One of my friends likes to say, The family that prays together stays together. I think the friends that pray together have a special something going on too. It was the most perfect way to start the morning. After I said goodbye to him, I was humming happily to myself the whole way to work.

In other incredibly good news, Laura got the job! She starts work on Monday. She hasn't found a place to live yet so she's staying with me this week while she apartment-hunts.  She gets in tonight, and I can't wait to see her!

Last night I went to Theology on Tap in Arlington with my new friend Julianne. Have I told you about Julianne? She came to work in my office right before Christmas. She's only a year older than me, and we share a love for Oxford and literature, among many other things. We hit it off right away. As I often say, having her come to work here is the best thing that's happened to my work life. It's so much fun to have someone to eat lunch with regularly, and with whom to attend happy hours after work. She lives close to me, so sometimes we even commute together. It's pretty much the best.

Anyway, after the event yesterday, we caught a ride home with some guy friends who were also there. One of them put his ipod on, and Julianne and I were very impressed with the selection of music. Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, and even some favorite Disney songs. We started to sing along, and before long the three of us were belting out the lyrics as loud as we could the whole way home. It was awesome.

I think being 22 is the most fun year of my life. Is that fair? It's only been four months. Can I judge it this early on? How about if I say, "Being 22 is the most fun year of my life so far"?

I hope you are having a lovely Tuesday too!

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