Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Life Lately

Nutella pop tart + hot chocolate with a heart 

at dinner with my friend Caitlin last week. 

Caitlin earned her Master's degree in Rome, works for the local Catholic diocese and is expecting her first baby in 6 weeks. You can imagine how much we had to talk about!

Frank and I enjoyed an impromptu dinner at the Cheesecake Factory last week. The leftovers kept us fed for the next 2 days.

 There was a long wait for our table so I started goofing around with instagram and got this shot of our feet. The size difference kind of cracks me up.

I walk past this adorable pink Vespa every day on my way to work. It's always parked right outside my building. I love it so much and secretly wish I had one of my own!

My family went a little crazy dying Easter eggs when they were here. They left me these:

I'm still finishing them off...


  1. Instagr.am is awesome, isn't it? Oh boy, and a nutella pop tart? That sounds delicious.

    (Revisiting from LMLD/CYW. Your blog is great!)

  2. Thanks, Deanna! Aw sweet, I got you to make a return trip - now that is success as a blogger. :) I hope you'll make many more and I look forward to checking out your blog!