Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This Week

The good news is that Frank is better. The tide turned that night when he was so sick and by Sunday he was able to go to Mass with me. We went back to his house afterwards and I made breakfast for us and Evan, who had spent the night there so Frank wouldn't be alone (I am so incredibly grateful to Evan for this).

We spent Sunday afternoon with Frank's family. Due to a lack of initiative, we ended up not going sightseeing but just to the local mall, where we enjoyed delicious frozen yogurt and had dinner out.

Frank's family left Monday afternoon while I was at work. Last night he was still feeling under-the-weather so we decided to have a low-key, restful "date night" of dinner and a movie at his house. I made this indescribably amazing soup and bread rolls for a side dish while serving him copious quantities of Theraflu.

We rented How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days from Amazon. That movie is a classic in my family and my sisters quote from it all the time. As long as you skip the two or three inappropriate scenes, it's one of the funniest "chick flicks" out there for both guys and girls. It was Frank's first time seeing it and I was glad he found it as funny as I did.

Tonight we're planning to go to Theology on Tap with Donald Cardinal Wuerl speaking. I'm a big fan of his and I'm thrilled to hear him speak. Tomorrow is my book club party for the new book Style, Sex and Substance. I'm only about half done with it so I better hurry up with that.

I was hit with a major wave of insomnia last night and I'm feeling pretty sleep-deprived today. Hope your Tuesday is more alert than mine is right now.

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