Wednesday, June 13, 2012

OTI with Camp Patton

My new favorite blogger Grace (who so sweetly passed on my babysitting info to a DC-area friend - thanks Grace!) is hosting a cute fashion link-up this week. I am pretty much nobody's idea of a fashionista but I couldn't resist the chance to model an outfit for the occasion.

Frank snapped a photo of me after work in front of my favorite place in the world, the CIC.

I'm wearing a hat from Target, top and belt from H&M, purse from Payless, Skirt from Shabby Apple (love that website) and shoes from DSW. Frank bought me the shoes after hearing me mention my need for a sturdy pair of black flats. Obviously they're now my favorite article of clothing and I wear them almost every day.

I'm in Chicago AGAIN today. I know, you guys must think I spend all my free time flying home. This time it's for my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. In keeping with our family's tradition, they're having Mass at our house followed by a dinner with friends. The house is all abuzz with preparations.

Happy anniversary, Mum and Dad! I'm so happy I can be here for it.

25 Years Ago Today
Lots of fun things have been going on in DC as well, and hopefully I'll get to blog about those soon too. Check out Grace's blog for more Open to Interpretation fun.


  1. You are rockin' that hat! It's so cute! I love it with that beautiful yellow skirt - great outfit!

  2. YAY I'm so glad

    1. that she contacted you!

    2. that you're participating -- so adorable. I'm hoping you post today and tomorrow .... no pressure.

  3. Thank you Erica and Frank! Grace, sorry I chickened out on the rest of the posts... I think my fashion creativity tapped out after one attempt. It's an awesome project though and next time I'll plan my outfits out so I can participate for longer. :)