Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Moved!

Dear Readers,

If anyone is still sticking with this blog after the radio silence these past few weeks, I'm very impressed. I'm so sorry I've been awful at updates and responding to things, but everything has been topsy-turvy lately with another big change - I moved to a new house on Saturday!

I'm all kinds of excited about it. I'll be living with Colleen, my roommate from last summer (right after I moved to DC) and a girl named Heather who teaches at a local Catholic school. Upstairs from us live two more Catholic girls, one a teacher and one in grad school, making five in all. We form quite the representative sample of DC's young Catholic women!

The new place doesn't have a name yet but I've affectionately christened it "The Little Yellow House" because that's what it is. The house has a little front porch, a backyard with a fire pit, a brick fireplace inside and heaps of cozy charm. It's smaller than my old place, which has caused some creative reorganization of my stuff, but so far so good. Once things are a little more settled I'll be posting pictures.

My goodness. New job, new house and new fiance, all in the span of a month. My life has been turned upside down lately - and I love every minute of it.

Hope you are enjoying this lovely long weekend!




  1. Sounds like you've had an amazing month!! Can't wait to see pictures. And don't worry you still have readers. God Bless! ♥


  2. I'm still here! Waiting for new posts about your life :)

  3. Girls, thank you so much for your comments. Every time it's been a while between posts, your comments are what convince me to get back to posting regularly. Thanks!