Monday, October 15, 2012

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Frank and I visited the pumpkin patch last week to get some pumpkins and mums for my house.

Frank inspected every flower pot and pumpkin with great care. Nothing but the best, you know.

And I swooned over his ginger beard that is starting to grow in. It's so funny... before I met Frank I thought facial hair was kinda gross. Now I think it's absolutely dapper and the greatest look on a man.

You can just call him Mr. Autumn Man... his friends and I all do. ;)

Decorative gourds!!! Oh man... I love fall.

We loaded our finds onto a little red wagon.

Then we finished browsing the pumpkin patch and stopped at the grocery store on our way home.

Back at home, we set up our decorations around the house. A pot of mums in the Map Room and on the dining room table...

And a pumpkin with mums on either side of the front door.

The pumpkins and flowers looked awesome on the front porch.

Also, please ignore our ghetto couch. It belongs to the girls upstairs and we're all kind of wondering when they're going to get rid of it. Yikes. (UPDATE: This morning when I left for work, I saw that the couch was out on the curb! Finally! Thank goodness.)

Once the fall decorating was done, it was time to start planning a party. After all, it's not fall without a good old-fashioned Oktoberfest bash! Stay tuned for the party update in Wednesday's post. 

Also, happy feast of St. Teresa of Avila - my patron! This is always a special day for me and I'm hoping to celebrate a little bit with my friends.

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