Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Emails from Joseph

My little brother Joseph, age 10, got his first email account Sunday. Emailing him is hilarious and might be my new favorite hobby.

Dad sent out a text/email on Sunday night notifying us five older sisters that it would make Joseph very happy if we emailed him. I was already in bed (it's an hour earlier here) but I couldn't miss out on something so exciting for Little Joe, so I got on my phone and emailed him right away: "Hi Joe! This is Theresa, in case you couldn't tell from my email address. :) How's it going? I miss you and Loooove you!"

He wrote back promptly: "AAAAHHHHH hi I LOVE YOU!!! hows life"

Our conversation has gone on to include his new throwing knives ("the throwing knives are awesome and sharp"), his successful soccer practice last week when he scored a goal against the much-bigger 8th graders ("the soccer was an accident" ... "i meant it was an accident i was playing with 8th graders"), what he's learning about in school ("Rome and Caligula and Nero") and what he knows about them ("EVERYTHING (LITERALLY)"), and his thoughts on wearing a bow tie for my wedding ("NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO I do not want to wear any type of BOW tie for the wedding however i will wear a normal tie"). But, "P.S. i'll do it for you though."

My favorite part was when I told him I'm planning to go to Rome for my honeymoon. His response? "i asked Frank ahead of time and he told me FYI I knew before you." Considering I chose Rome as our honeymoon destination, I think that's highly unlikely, but I appreciate his confidence.


  1. Woww, the amount of cuteness is killing me :D

  2. Oh that is so cute Tess!! Little brothers are so adorable. Loved your conversation...

    ♥ Becca

  3. hahaha thanks! I pretty much want to record every single thing he says these days for posterity, because he's so darn cute. Little brothers are the best! :)

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