Monday, December 10, 2012

My Favorite Kind of Party

When I first moved to DC, I used to throw lots of parties -- and BIG parties too, inviting everyone I knew.

But that changed when I started dating Frank. Now my parties are few and far between.

My friends tease me about it. On Saturday Lee said, "It's been noted that you threw tons of parties when you first moved to DC, and now that you're engaged you've stopped."

I had to laugh because it's kind of true. Last year I was new to the city and I wanted to make friends (and, yes, meet a boyfriend). Now I have lots of friends, and I have a fiancé. I don't feel the need to throw big getting-to-know-you parties anymore.

But I'm still a bit of a social butterfly (Frank would say "extremely extroverted") and I love seeing my friends. So what do I do instead?

Throw small, intimate, and very laid-back celebrations for just a handful of people at a time. It's perfect! I can relax, take it easy as a hostess, and really spend time talking with every guest.

On Saturday night, I threw a "s'mores party" for about 10 friends. 

First, I bought lots of s'mores-making supplies.

I live for store-brand groceries
I tidied the living room and pulled out some board games, just in case we needed something to get the evening started.

And I took a picture because I loved the way it looked. Don't Christmas lights give such a warm, homey glow?

Then I asked Frank if he could build the bonfire, and I sent out an email inviting a few friends ... and that was it!

On Saturday night, we gathered around the fire pit on chairs and blankets. My girl friends brought cookies and snacks to supplement the s'mores, and my guy friends brought beer.

We were blessed with perfect weather -- it was so warm I didn't even need a coat!

Everyone roasted marshmallows and had a s'more (or three).

We talked and told stories for hours and hours. The conversation flowed so easily -- we didn't even need to pull out the board games. :)

Frank had a final on Saturday afternoon, so I think he especially liked the chance to do something more laid-back.

Law school finals are just the worst. Poor Frank has been a hermit for weeks because of all the studying he has to do. I'm so glad he only has to take finals one more time after this semester!

Lee and Conor had no interest in posing for a picture, but they kept us laughing all night -- the perfect comic relief.

Finally someone noticed that it was almost 1:00 in the morning. Whoops! Time flew. The party moved inside, and the girls left, but the guys stayed til 3:00 a.m. They ostensibly wanted to talk over some matters of the heart with a girl, but I think they really just wanted to hang out a little longer in a warm, happy, nicely-decorated home.

There is just something about sitting around a bonfire - you know the feeling? It makes me feel happy and relaxed and peaceful.

Saturday night was just the kind of party I like - a handful of close friends; easy set-up and clean-up; and time to relax, unwind, and really enjoy spending time together. What could be better?

I hope you had a great weekend too!


  1. Sounds like you had such a lovely night! This would be my ideal for a get-together too. 'Tis the season!

    God bless you!

    1. Thanks Sarah Therese! There is something really nice about a low-key party isn't there? Even extroverts like me find them really relaxing!

  2. Ooh, I love themed parties! We used to have themed girls nights each month at our apartment, which was really fun. I love your s'mores theme! Looks like a fun time. :)

    1. Oh that sounds like so much fun! Maybe I'll have to do a themed party soon... thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Winter (or late autumn, whatever) bonfires are the best!

    I found your blog through WIWS and it is great.

    1. Thanks, Rae! Isn't WIWS a great initiative? I've never participated before but it's so fun, I might have to make it a regular thing! Thanks for stopping by. :)

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