Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Suggestion for Love Day

I didn't know I was obsessed with Valentine's Day until I started reading through the archives of this blog. My goodness, I wrote about it a lot!

There is this lovely memory of last year, my first Valentine with Frank, and this completely unnecessary collection of love poems. There is this not-at-all-embarrassing post I wrote while studying abroad in London (apparently I wrote a lot about food?) and the slightly cringe-inducing one from senior year of college.

This year, my darling valentine is in Chicago, so in keeping with grand old tradition I'm getting together with friends for barbecue tonight. Oh, that isn't the Valentine's day tradition? It is now. :)

When I was single, I always made a point of getting together with friends on this day. It just doesn't do to sit at home alone... even if you've got a pile of Dove chocolates and a good sappy movie to keep you company.   It just isn't the same, so it's best to get out and have some fun. Besides, who doesn't want to celebrate love?

Here's my suggestion for Valentine's Day. If you're single, or your valentine is long-distance, get a group of friends together. Make especially sure to include single friends and anyone you know who might be on their own. Maybe you can sit with other girls and tell the stories of how your parents met. Maybe you can have a pint or some brisket with your guy friends. Do whatever makes you happy and spreads some good cheer. There are many kinds of love in this world, and I think this day can celebrate them all.

What's your Valentine's Day philosophy? Are you doing anything special to celebrate today?

I hope you get some Dove chocolate!

Happy Valentine's Day, dear friends!


  1. Hi Treacle, it is I, your twin sister Lillian. I LOVE YOU!! That is the first thing. The second thing is, the post from senior year was NOT cringe-inducing and neither were any of the others.

    They brought back happy memories for me (at least the senior year one did, I wasn't around for the others).

    A collection of love poems is NEVER unnecessary.

    The fiance and I are going to BUFFALO WILD WINGS tonight and celebrating not having to cook and clean up from dinner. I like to live it up.

    Anyways, have a very happy day. I love you very much today and always.

    - Lillian

    1. Aw man, Buffalo Wild Wings is one of our favorites. Just reading about it makes my mouth water.

      I'm really glad you got happy memories out of those posts. They were pretty nostalgic, it's just funny when I go back to old posts how I often wrote something different from what was really going on. But yes, there were some good times.

      I miss you and love you!!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, Tess!

    Un abrazo fuerte,

    1. Thank you darling Vanessa, and a huge hug to you too!