Thursday, February 21, 2013

Long-Distance Valentine's Day

My mom's pretty little Valentine's Day wreath

This year was my second Valentine's Day with Frank and I wanted to do something extra special. Shawni's cute "heart attack" post inspired me. But how to create that for Frank when he's in Chicago and I'm in Virginia?

Lucky for me, I had an accomplice: my little sister Caroline. It helps that they're living in the same house.

I cut out 36 little paper hearts while I was babysitting a few Saturdays ago (the baby was sleeping), and I mailed them to Caroline a week before Valentine's Day. I told her to wait until Frank went to bed on February 13, and then tape them all over the hallway to his room.

She carried out my instructions to the letter. Just after midnight on Valentine's Day, she sent me a text—"How does this look?"—with a picture attached:

Best little accomplice ever.

Frank was so excited when he found them. On each one I had written something I love about him, and he said he re-read them over and over. I was so happy.

I wanted to give him another gift besides the "heart attack" surprise, but I didn't know what. My inspiration came when he spent the weekend before Valentine's Day visiting his good friend Tanner, and noticed Tanner's wife knitting a scarf. He texted me, "Will you knit me a scarf? I would wear it every day!"

That planted a seed in my mind, and I decided to try to make a scarf for him by Valentine's Day. My sweet roommate Colleen drove me to Michael's for some yarn. The selection wasn't huge. I affectionately call this color "camo green."

As it turns out, I wasn't quite able to finish it in time. But it's almost done, and I've discovered that knitting is the perfect thing to do while watching Downton Abbey! I've finished the first season and most of the second as a result.

When Frank and I reunited on Friday, he gave me some very sweet gifts. He gave me a box of chocolates (which my little siblings adored) and my favorite red roses...

... and he surprised me with a beautiful little globe. The card said that this globe is not just a decoration for our house, but a request. We dream of traveling the world together, and this little globe in our house will be a reminder of that.

I missed Frank so much on the actual day. Although I enjoyed my barbecue party (and several friends got dates out of it! Success!), it wasn't as fun as being with him. But in spite of the distance, it really was a good Valentine's Day.


  1. I LOVE the "heart attack" idea! Totally something I would do [someday]. Sounds like you had a beautiful week! God bless you & keep smiling!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Isn't it a fun idea? Thanks to Shawni for writing about it! I'm hoping to turn it into a little tradition for our family in the future.

  2. What a sweet gift your globe is, and I love the notes you wrote to Frank! I'm also glad to see that I'm not the only one who uses knitting as an excuse to watch way too many episodes of my favorite shows at once =) Have a good weekend, Tess!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! Ah, that's so cool that you knit too! It's perfect for feeling productive when you're doing something kinda lazy, isn't it? Hope you're doing well!

  3. Shane wears his wife-made scarf all the time! (And it took forever to make!)

    1. Why am I not surprised that the craftiest girl I know is a knitter? :)

      I went with a huuuuge yarn (the bulkiest yarn they had) and used my giant Size 12 needles so it knitted up really fast. If I had had more time, a finer yarn and smaller needles would have made for a higher-quality scarf, as I'm sure Shane's is!