Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Best of Last Week

I'm a compulsive article-sharer. Whenever I read something thought-provoking on the internet, I have to share it—whether on Facebook, Twitter, or in an email to friends.

In fact, after I graduated college and communication with my old friends slowed, a few asked, "Why don't you send me articles anymore?!" They were used to almost-daily emails containing the latest gems I'd picked up around the web.

Recently it occurred to me that, instead of deluging Frank and my sisters with 17 emails per day that each contain one lone hyperlink, I could collect all those articles in one place and share them with you. If you get a chance to check them out, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Here are my favorite little gems from last week:

There ain't no pure church by Mark Shea—really good article about the universal Church, in the style of Brideshead Revisited. Just what I needed to hear as I reflect on the changes in the Church under our new pope.

Several Facebook friends posted this New Yorker article, The Retro Wife, which reports that—surprise, surprise—women who are well-educated and feminist are choosing to stay home with their kids. Next up: "Gravity causes stuff to fall." But really, how is this news? You have only to meet my mom and her friends (and probably your mom and her friends) to know that smart, talented, educated and capable women are precisely the kind who make awesome stay-at-home moms—and who often find happiness and fulfillment in doing so.

It made me think of this awesome photo one of my friends put up on Facebook:


I really enjoyed this little piece on why even atheists love Pope Francis (Best line: "yeah and I'm Napoleon").

Naomi's post introduced me to the you are my wild project and like her I'm now somewhat obsessed. My favorite photographer is this lady—so many amazing images beautifully capturing the little moments of every day.

I was thrilled to see that dear Auntie has written a book and it's now available for pre-order. If you're not familiar with the wonderful Auntie Seraphic, she writes a blog of advice for single girls that is just chock-full of wisdom and common sense.

Frank sent me an article called The Case for Getting Married Young, and let's just say he convinced me. ;) Kidding, although really, young marriage is something we're pretty passionate about ("young" meaning early twenties, not 15). Society nowadays pushes people to put off marriage until they've paid off all their student loans, saved up a million dollars, risen to the top of a profession, and traveled around the world. We think that's just silly. As the article beautifully states, why not go through all of that with the person you love, and learn and grow together?

I adored this sweet poem Confessions to be Traced on a Birthday Cake (thank you to Rosie for bringing it to my attention).

And last but not least, two oldies but goodies. I had a discussion with Dean and Morgan recently about why I want to be a stay-at-home mom, and I couldn't resist sending them these two great blog posts from lovely Sarah at Memories on Clover Lane: A Mushed-up Heart and Choices and Why I stay home (you can read more of her wonderful thoughts on mothering here). Those posts are perfect and I love sharing them with friends.

Hope you enjoy these articles!


  1. Thank you for the fun post :) I love sharing random articles myself :) So many interesting things, topics, and people in this world! Gives one a sense of wonder amidst all the scary things that are happening in our culture!

    I will be graduating with a DPT degree soon, and my end goal is to be a wife and mother. :) Some say: "well why go to PT school in the first place?" Well, why not? I wasn't engaged when I entered so my state of life was very different. But now that my path is heading more clearly towards marriage (in three months!!! :) ) my heartstrings pull at raising a large brood of beautiful, chubby babies and making those souls as ready for Heaven as they can be! :) What could be more amazing than that???? :)

    And I have learned so many life lessons through grad school (and met so many wonderful people!!!) that I will carry for the rest of my life! :)

  2. Haven't read all of the Atlantic article, but one of my favorite bloggers (who usually has an intriguing mix of off-the-wall progressive ideas and awesomely counter-cultural ones), often endorses the "marry and have children young, work later" mentality. This post is an example: http://blog.penelopetrunk.com/2012/09/14/how-to-plan-a-career-in-your-20s-to-stay-home-with-kids-in-your-30s/

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