Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Around these parts

Frank's dad and I drove into work with Frank today and spent the morning working on the apartment.

My big project today was unpacking our books ...  this is about half of them:

So I've still got quite a ways to go. Unpacking Frank's books totally rekindled my book envy ... he has so many great ones. I'm thrilled to add them to my home library!

I discovered that between the two of us, we have at least two copies each of the Divine Comedy, Hamlet, the Republic, Things that Count, and Aristotle's Ethics. #nerds

Frank's dad hung stuff up around the apartment while I unpacked the books.

^^He put up my blue and white plate collection in the kitchen. There's a fourth plate too, which I got (for free) at an estate sale last week, but it's lurking somewhere amongst the boxes so we're hanging it later once we find it. I can't wait to keep adding to the collection!

^^He mounted our darling little white cabinet for storage in the bathroom.

^^We got our industrial shelving!! Frank and his dad assembled it yesterday. Right now we're just kinda throwing stuff on there, but I'm excited to make it all pretty once we're fully unpacked.

^^Frank's dad hung our giant mirror above the fireplace. I got a kick out of finding these little baseball player bobbleheads on the mantle. Frank must have put them there earlier.

^^Last but not least, Frank had some magnets lying around so I put up the first few things on our fridge. Save the dates for my sister Lillian and Matt and our friends Patrick and Jessica, and a darling postcard from JoAnna. And of course, my trusty "All out of" shopping list.

Hope you're not getting bored with the deluge of apartment pictures! It's pretty much the only thing I can think about right now. I'm so excited!

Frank just took his dad to the airport and my mom is coming to join me in unpacking for a little bit, so I better get back to work. But before I go, I wanted to share this great article written by my very own twin. And full disclosure ... I might just be the "Sara" mentioned in the story. If you get a chance to read it, I would love to know what you think! Do you admit to reading mommy blogs?


  1. I saw the big Plato & Lewis books and my heart fluttered... kindred spirits!! :)

  2. Oh hello, "Sara" hahaha I might just be another "Sara" ;)

  3. Very nice apartment and very nice article!

    My only concern about the plethora of mommy blogs is that while mom blogs might paint a real picture of motherhood, the authors often do not elevate the vocation of motherhood. The posts often read like whiny complaints. I think there should be a healthy balance between "keeping it real" and striving for something more and better (mainly God and not our selfish desires). (By the way, I complain all the time over at my own blog so I realize this is an ideal, not necessarily a daily reality.)

    As a mom to 5 kids, I know as well as anyone else how hard it is too change diapers and cook dinner and clean and for me, I need to know where God is in all of it.

  4. When my husband and I got married we definitely had several copies of some books. I think we even had a third copy of an Asimov book appear just recently...

  5. Oh, feel free to chat about the new place as much as you'd like! It's so exciting and coming together wonderfully so far. How awesome are those bookshelves? And super smart to anchor them to the wall already. If you guys end up living here with a mobile baby, you will be very thankful something is already baby-proofed. Well, unless your future little one is into ripping up books!

    P.S. Good luck at work today!!

  6. I think there's something missing from your collection of Save the Dates! ;)

    1. haha, you're right! I kept yours with me at my parents house for easy reference. I never know when I might need to go ogle your registry for ideas... ;)

  7. Hold the phone. I have been dying to start a blue plate collection! Blue and white plates are just so classic and beautiful. Gosh, Tess, I like you even more (and I already liked you a lot, of course!). Your collection is perfect.