Thursday, April 11, 2013

Best of Last Week and would you give up your internet?

I thought I would be doing these "best of the week" posts every Monday, but somehow they always seem to come out a little late... anyway, enjoy!

How to laugh your way into a journalism career—so much great advice in here. I loved this line—"There are many young people who are entrepreneurial mediastarters, engaging writers, technological whizzes … and yet they can’t spell [and] have never heard of AP style"—it's what I always say: grammar matters! Of course, my favorite piece of advice was to "start a blog only 10 people read." Isn't that what I'm doing here? ;)

I adored this article asking readers to Stop instagramming your perfect life—because none of us have a perfect life, and the most important things in life can't be captured in a status update.

This article was especially interesting for me because of conversations Frank and I have been having recently about our internet use after we get married. He's thinking about getting rid of his Facebook entirely, and the apartment we want to rent doesn't include free internet so we're talking about giving that up as well (we would still be able to use it in the lobby and other places). That seems so dire to me—life without internet? How would I survive? How would I update my blog?! But honestly, my horrified reaction to the idea is exactly what gave me pause. Am I that dependent on it? Maybe I should give up internet, just to prove that I can ... and I have a sneaky suspicion that my offline relationships would strengthen and grow as a result.

Lillian and I have been talking about this gorgeous blog post all week. Lindsay has such a beautiful family and we adored this great post about welcoming each child as a unique, irreplaceable blessing. The culture of life is a glorious thing to behold.

A simple way to pray from our good Pope Francis—a great post to share with kids.

I recently discovered this absolutely darling blog called A Daily Something and her recent post about defending the rights of homeschoolers was fantastic, and especially interesting in light of last week's conversation. However each of us decides to educate our children, we can all agree that families deserve the right to homeschool! Please do check it out.

I have about a million other articles saved to share with you all, but I'll save them for next week's best of the week, which will probably be mostly about marriage. Can you tell it's my favorite topic these days? :)

Happy Thursday, dear friends!


  1. I think Andy and I both like the idea of giving up internet, but I'm not sure how practical it is right now. We'll both be students when we move, and I'll be an online student, so it would probably be nice to be able to watch my classes at home.

    I did an internet fast a few years ago (no internet except for school or work purposes) and it was a good thing for me. I could probably use a season like that again.

  2. I do understand I worry about being too addicted to the internet too! But I hope you both don't give up your facebooks at least because since I will be so far away I wanna be able to keep up with you guys once you're married! :)

  3. I loved the "My Child, I love you" post as well. I don't have kids (yet!)though I have similar reactions when people comment about my many siblings and ask what I think of having so many. I can't help but say something to the effect that it's the most natural thing in the world to have all of them. Most recently, I was asked, "How do you remember all those birthdays?!" I reflexively responded, "The same way everyone else remembers someone's birthday...!" I can't imagine my life with out one of them and I love each of them for who they are individually. It's the most horrible thought that I might choose which one I didn't need or want any more.