Friday, April 5, 2013

Hey guys, I have a new URL! Also, to continue the conversation...

To go along with changing my name, I'm also changing the url of this blog. So here's a public service announcement for the people who find my blog by googling its prior names (according to my google analytics):

If you are looking for a blog called "Book Smart in DC" or "booksmartgirl" or "book smart girl in dc" or "Tess in DC" or "Adventures of Tess in DC" or "booksmartgirl.blogspot.com" (the list goes on) ... this is that blog. All the posts are still here (including the two most "viral" ones, the ones on daily Mass and Brideshead Revisited, if you're looking for them). I just changed my name and url.

Hopefully that clears up any confusion for people!

In the meantime, I wanted to add something to the awesome discussion from yesterday (thank you to everyone who weighed in! I'm really, really enjoying reading what you have to say. And readers who just came in to the conversation, please feel free to add your thoughts). This morning my friend Joey sent me this really interesting article about homeschooling. I enjoyed the data and research presented—who knew that homeschoolers did worse at sticking to military service? At the same time, it makes sense in a way. Perhaps a self-directed style of learning isn't always the best preparation for the tedious jobs of later life? So much to think about here!

Anyway, today I found out my blog has received over 90,000 pageviews. Wow. What an amazing feeling. I really love the little community that has grown up around this blog—you're all such interesting, smart people, and I love that we can have these conversations with grace and kindness. I was telling Frank yesterday, people may be nasty and mean on Facebook, but people on the blog world are just nice. I've loved every email and comment I've received from you over the years, and I'm really looking forward to expanding this community in the years ahead.


  1. I love your writing and your blog so much!! I hope you consider creating a twitter account for your blog. :) I think you might really enjoy talking with other Catholic women bloggers via this format. I know I have found it fun and think it can a quicker way to talk to other bloggers. ~Ashley

    1. Thank you, Ashley! I actually have a twitter handle (@tessc11) but I honestly don't use it very much; I have a hard time constraining myself to only 140 characters, probably because I have too much to say. :) I'd like to get into using it more though, so thanks for the reminder!