Monday, April 22, 2013

Things We'll Miss About DC, Part 1

There are two restaurants in Clarendon that are just two blocks from each other. One is Frank's and one is my favorite restaurant.

My favorite is this adorable coffeehouse, Northside Social. It's absolutely the greatest. They have amazing meals and fresh-baked pastries ... and of course, divine coffee.

This place has been a favorite ever since a friend introduced me to it two years ago, and I go there at least once a week.

My favorite thing to do at Northside is sit outside with a friend for dinner—those great, conversation-filled dinners that last for hours and hours. I also love sitting inside with my laptop and a chai latte when I need to get work done.

I have so many wonderful memories of this little cafe, and I hope I can find somewhere just as great in Chicago!


Amish Chicken Salad
Quiche of the Day
Old Fashioned Fudge Pie
Hot Chocolate

Frank's favorite restaurant is pretty different but also awesome. You've heard me talk about this place before—the famous Rocklands (Arlington location).

Frank loooooooves Rocklands. He would eat there every day if I let him. I'm pretty sure he ate there once a week before he met me. I have to hand it to him—the barbecue there is pretty incredible. If you go, make sure to get a mug of root beer, on tap at the bar. Best root beer of your life!

Like Northside, Rocklands is jam-packed with amazing memories. One time just after we started dating, Frank and I were at a formal event in downtown DC, and the event was so horrible that we escaped and fled to Rocklands instead. That was my first time going there.

We've gone countless times since. My family came to visit DC when Frank entered the Church, and we took them to Rocklands. We've gone on double dates there with our dear friends Conor and Elizabeth. I went there for Valentine's Day when I was missing Frank. And last month, one of my guy friends stopped by my house at 8 pm and said, "Are you busy tonight? We're going to Rocklands for exotic meat night." So I hopped in the car and we feasted on alligator and beaver, and had the most marvelous time. It's quite a restaurant.


Three Meats platter 
Barbequed spare ribs
Potato salad
Corn pudding
Root beer on draft

We sure will miss these two great restaurants in Clarendon. In fact, we'll miss the whole Clarendon neighborhood. Virginia is a really wonderful place to live and there's so much here I'm going to miss. But I'm looking forward to finding a new favorite coffeehouse and barbecue joint in Chicago. :)


  1. Hi Tess!
    I'm not sure where in or around Chicago you'll be living, but (as a law student) I do know some good coffee shops!

    1. Christina, I would LOVE to check out your favorite coffee shops! We'll have to chat about that some time!