Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Some moments not to be forgotten

On Wednesday morning, Frank and I went to the county clerk's office to obtain our marriage license.

Oh my goodness, writing that sentence right there made my heart beat faster. It really did!

Getting a marriage license only costs $35. Who knew getting married was so cheap? ;)

The nice clerk-lady took down our biographical information, for "genealogical records." I thought about people doing family history work, and I imagined our great-great-grandchildren looking us up someday. They would find out that Frank is an attorney and I'm an editor, that I'm Hispanic, and that we were both 23 at the time of our marriage. I wonder what they'll think about all that.

We came out and Frank started singing his favorite song since we got engaged... "I'm gettin' married in the mornin'" from My Fair Lady. That made us both laugh.

Wednesday evening, my mom and I spent almost two hours at Kinko's making photocopies of pictures of Frank and me growing up.

We were planning to create these for the wedding centerpieces:

Three of Frank's friends are in town. They got in Sunday night and they're staying at our apartment with Frank until the wedding. I shudder to think what the state of the apartment is going to be. (Just kidding, I trust them. Besides Frank will keep an eye on things.)

Last night they all came over to my parents' for dinner. They played with Angela and Joseph, laughed at my dad's jokes, and generally made a fabulous impression on my family. Tonight they are driving to Milwaukee with Frank for a Brewers' game, and tomorrow they're all going to a White Sox game for Frank's bachelor party.

That man sure loves baseball, and his friends planned accordingly.

Mum bought red cardstock this week, and last night, after the guys left, she and I stayed up past midnight making the centerpiece numbers. They look awesome, if I do say so myself. Frank was just about the cutest baby of all time and I love looking at those pictures of him.

What to know something ridiculous? I started this blog post 6 days ago. Life has been so insane lately that it took me until right now to finish it.

Four days until the wedding!


  1. Yay for only four days! I don't think I've quite wrapped my head around it yet, though it's getting easier now that family and friends have started arriving for my wedding.

    It kind of amazed us how easy it was to get a marriage license. ;-) When Johnny went back to pay for ours (long story...), the couple in line in front of him was in their seventies and actually got married right then and there.

    Good luck with the last few days! You're in our prayers!

    1. Thank you for such a sweet comment, Holly! You and Johnny are in our prayers too. Good luck—we're in the home stretch now!

  2. How exciting! God bless you and Frank :) :)

  3. I'm so excited for you!!! I will keep the both of you in my prayers!

    You all should go see 42, the movie out right now based off of Jackie Robinson's story. It's a great baseball movie, depicts a touching marriage, and shows the incredible strength and courage of one man, as he faced off against the world to prove that he was equal to everyone else, despite his color. I would highly recommend it!

    Anyway, congratulations! Good luck with the last days of wedding prep!

    1. We really appreciate your prayers, Abigail! Thanks!

      I told Frank about your recommendation and he immediately responded "I want to see that movie so bad!!" So thanks for the tip, and we'd better get on seeing it! :)

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