Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I Wish I Knew Before I Got Married: Sarah from Memories on Clover Lane

Four years ago a friend introduced me to Memories on Clover Lane, where Sarah shares her ideas for enjoying the little things and focusing on what's most important as a mom of six. I quickly became a huge fan and I've been devotedly following her blog ever since.  After two decades of marriage, Sarah has great advice, told with her typical good sense. I couldn't be more honored to have her guest posting here, and I hope you enjoy her tips below!

1.    A man named Even Steven will wreak havoc with your marriage if you let him.  Keeping tabs on who does what, and thinking that 50/50 is a great proposition, will cause much angst.  Let it go, or work it out.  

2.    Appreciation goes a long way.  I think it’s one of the most important aspects of a good marriage but is one of the most difficult things to remember to do.  It’s easy to get so used to each other and so busy with life that you take each other for granted.  Just the words, “Thank you so much for…” can make every wrong right, and every day a good one.  Usually the littlest things are the ones that we forget to say thank you for.  

3.    Turn off the TV, get off the phone, make time for each other.  Even if it has to be just 10 minutes a day, that connection makes all the difference.  

4.    Remember to make big decisions as a couple and have the mindset of being “one.”  If you are both on the same page, or at least know that you have to “get there,” it pushes out feelings of resentment or division.

5.    Talk about your budget often and figure out quickly, through trial and error, how to mesh your spending/savings styles.  Create goals together, and make sure you both understand the big picture.

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