Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth!

Last night at fireworks with my family, we were totally that couple...

... in matching outfits.

My dad said, "If there were a contest for 'photos so cute they make you barf,' this would be a finalist.'" Thanks, Dad. :P

Happy Fourth! Wishing you all the burgers, fireworks, and wiffle ball games your heart desires!


  1. I for one think it's an adorable picture. And you're an adorable couple. And I also think it's adorable when couples match. ;) Happy Fourth to you and Frank.

  2. You're suuuuuuuper cute!

    If you were still out in DC I might have braved the crowds for a chance to meet you. I've heard too that the fireworks are spectacular there.

    (OK, I really need to stop lamenting about your distance EVERY time I comment on your blog. lol. At least you can be flattered. *grins*)

    God bless!