Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Drive-through Beer and Babysitting

My parents went out of town Labor Day weekend for a cousin's wedding, leaving Joseph and Angela in Frank's and my questionably capable hands. And in Caroline's hands, which, we discovered, are about a million times more capable than ours (definitely the most responsible sister).

We planned to go to the zoo on Saturday, but it rained torrentially, so instead we visited the Catholic Shoppe and the local Goodwill, where I found six new kids' books to add to my growing collection for our future children, and Angela and Frank insisted on singing the Thrift Shop song the entire way there. Then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner to watch the first Notre Dame game of the season. Caroline very cleverly brought a book. Angela didn't, and we all wished she had, as her patience for football is slim to say the least. But we made it through most of the game once I violated my cardinal babysitting rule by handing over my phone for her to play with. How quickly we break our own rules. :p

Sunday morning we went to Mass and brunch, and Caroline snapped this picture for What I Wore ... which is now 4 days late, but you know.

We took the kids to brunch at what was formerly our favorite brunch place owing to their practice of bringing unlimited mini donuts to your table, but this week we discovered they've started charging for the donuts after the first basket (let me add that these donuts are tiny, lest you think we're being gluttons). Not cool. Not cool at all. Add sub-par service and surprisingly bland food, and I don't think we'll be back anytime soon. Kind of a bummer.

In the afternoon Frank and I drove 2.5 hours south to Clinton, Illinois, where his good friend Tanner lives. The guys wanted to get together for their big, annual fantasy football draft. They've been in the same league of friends for 6 years, and the annual draft is a huuuuuge deal to them. (Side note: does your husband/boyfriend play fantasy sports? Can someone explain the appeal?)

On the way there, Frank made sure to take me past this amazing store in downtown Clinton:

Drive-through beer. Brilliant. I joked that I've never been more proud of my state. 

I hung out with Tanner's wife Courtney and his mom/sisters while the guys spent a solid three hours drafting. We rolled our eyes at them a lot, but we had a great time talking. I hadn't met them before (except Courtney for 5 minutes at my wedding) but we all got along famously. I love when that happens. They live on the coolest farm, with horses, dogs, cats, chickens, an apple orchard, and a raspberry patch. And a pool. And they homeschool (I know some of you will appreciate that). It was a little piece of heaven being there, and we can't wait to go back.

On Monday morning, we decided to fulfill our promise and take the kids to the zoo. It was quite the adventure so I'll post about that tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Drive through beer? My New Orleans cousins get to enjoy drive through margaritas. I tease them about DUIs...

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I'm looking forward to reading about the zoo shinanigans tomorrow. God bless you! <3

  2. I play fantasy football and have a group that does a March Madness bracket for basketball. I'm one of two women in my league from college, but we have an all women's league for my grad school league. I play/strategize 100% different than the guys, but nonetheless it's fun to catch up with everyone and a good way to keep in touch once a week or so with old friends.

    Fantasy football is how I made my first friends at UD! We organized a league together over the summer when we "met via Facebook. We met in person to do the draft during orientation. Little did I know I'd still be friends with these guys years later! :)

    Miss you both, but it looks like you're doing well. See you soon!!!

  3. Oh my, what a happy sunshine-y dress! I LOVE it. You look gorgeous! ♥

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