Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Five Favorites + WWRW

I've hit a writer's block. Can you tell? I can't think of a lot to write about lately, yet I can't work up the motivation to work on my (stalled) Love Story series or a post about my wedding or honeymoon.

In hopes of kicking the writer's block, at least for today, I thought I would jump on not one, but two bandwagons that I've enjoyed for a long time from afar, but never participated in. (WWRW readers, feel free to skip to the bottom!)

Five Favorites

1. Pinterest is really killing it these days. I've been making a bunch of recipes from my Deliciousness board with stunning success. My sister Cathy came over for tea last week, and we made these brownie-cookie dough-Reese's bites. It was really easy and they turned out better than they sound ... if that's even possible.

Teatime with Cathy // homemade bread // nutella, honey, cookie butter
2. I've been making this sandwich for lunch a lot lately—it's amazing, amazing.

3. This list of one-tray dinners will change your concept of after-dinner clean-up. I made this one last night with some chicken, potatoes, and zucchini we had lying around. The meal was good, and the zucchini may have been the best I've ever had.

4. Ok, last one about food! Frank and I made toasted marshmallow shakes on Monday—highly recommend—they turned out great. And I promised him I will make this dark chocolate Guinness cake some time soon. Maybe next time Cathy comes over? (She's my designated dessert-baking partner).

5. I've been really enjoying my walk to work lately. Hyde Park has some really pretty houses with glorious front porches.

Front porches are kind of the greatest. I dream of having my own wrap-around someday. Porch swing and rocking chairs included, of course.

*Thank you to Hallie for hosting!

What We're Reading Wednesday

I'm reading two books right now, and loving them both.
Both of these books have been on my "Want to read" list for years. I'm glad I'm finally getting around to them—both are well worth it.

What are you reading this week?

*Thank you to Jessica for hosting!


  1. Oooh, I can't wait to try #3. I like cooking and eating good food but do NOT like washing dishes! :-)

  2. I just finished Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand for my parish book club. SO good. I highly recommend it!

    I also finished When We Were Strangers by Pamela Schoenewaldt. It was decent! So far, so good.

  3. The Montessori book looks amazing, but it'll have to be out on the list for now... I just started a book and have another one on the way {not to mention text books, but eh...

  4. Love front porches!!
    Great list!

  5. Oh, the front porches make me miss the Midwest!

  6. I've been cooking up Pinterest recipes lately and have had similar success. It's so nice to make the site actually USEFUL for a change as well, instead of just mindless time-wasting. lol. And Peter has appreciated it greatly as well.

    Blessings! ♥

  7. A good front porch will almost get me to buy a a dump of a house. And those porches are incredible!

    I've never heard of Wing to Wing and Oar to Oar. Sounds really interesting!