Thursday, October 10, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

I'm almost done with the next part of the Love Story, and it will be up tomorrow—cross my heart. In the meantime, here are some bits of contentment from this week.


While I was at my first CGS class on Saturday, Frank surprised me by hanging my entire blue-and-white plate collection!

I was thrilled, not least because we have a funny history with him hanging things ... you'll see in tomorrow's post. ;)


Frank and I are spending the weekend near Cedar Point on a mini-vacation with my family.

My dad rented a lakehouse for us all, my mom's planned an entire "food schedule," and Frank is bringing enough beer to flood Lake Michigan.

The best part? Lillian and Matt will be driving out from Delaware to join us! I haven't seen them since their wedding and we have SO MUCH to talk about.

I think it's gonna be a good weekend. :)


I didn't know until this week, but apparently my husband really likes apples.

Every time he goes to the grocery store, he brings back more—whether or not we've finished the ones we already have.

Right now, our fruit bowl looks like this:

And in case that doesn't look impressive, let me tell you, that's only one of two apple-filled fruit bowls.

I think we have about 40 apples for the two of us.

My vote is that we take some of those to Ohio and unload them on my family.

(And speaking of funny ... Jim Gaffigan's book, in the picture above, never fails to make us cry with laughter.)

{also funny}

Tuesday night Frank and I went to a benefit dinner for this great college, thanks to an invitation from one of my mom's friends.

The highlight of the night, for me, was a moving speech Maggie's mom gave about the benefit of a Lexington education (it's Maggie's alma mater).

But the funny part happened at the silent auction.

All kinds of items were on sale at the auction—a Chicago architecture tour, tickets to the opera.

Out of all that, what does Frank choose to bid on?

A family membership to the Irish-American Heritage Center.


Guys. I'm not even Irish.

Of course, he won.

So please meet the newest member of the Irish-American Heritage Center ... who doesn't have a single drop of Irish blood in her veins.

Do you think they'll revoke my membership if they find out?


I was struggling to come up with something for "real." Lately everything just seems pretty, happy or funny.

But then last night I decided to make a fancy salad for dinner—bacon, hard-boiled eggs, spinach and apples. (Just trying to use up those apples!)

While the bacon was cooking I got hit with an "overzealous housewife" fit and decided to do three other chores at the same time.

I completely forgot about the bacon ... until I noticed a slightly charred aroma rising from the stove.

Yeah ... it was burned to a crisp.

Fortunately I'd only used half the package, so we were still able to have bacon in our salad.

But it was a good reminder for me that, when it comes to cooking, multitasking is not always a good idea. And it gave me a "real" thing to blog about.

Thank you to the lovely Lawler ladies for hosting. Have a great Thursday!


  1. I love your blue and white plates, and I too love apples, but not nearly as much as Frank does! Enjoy your weekend with your family. (:

  2. First thing I noticed was Gaffigan. <3 ;) I love those plates!! My mom used to help out an older woman who collected them.

    1. Nice! Frank is obsessed with that book—I think he's already read it twice.

      Thanks! Collecting them sure is fun. I bet that lady had an impressive collection. :)

  3. I like your plates too, and he even managed to hang them nicely, not a task I would trust my husband to do when I wasn't around!!!! Enjoy your weekend away

  4. I'll go ahead and speak for all Irish-Americans... We're happy to claim you as one of us!

    1. Colleen, you are the sweetest. I'm hoping that I get at least a little bit of street cred from having gone to Notre Dame ... that automatically makes a person part-Irish, right? :)