Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pumpkin farm!

On Saturday Frank and I took the little kids to a pumpkin patch near my parents' house while my mom and dad were out of town.

Livin' the life, those two. ;)

Frank and I went into a bit of sticker shock when we got there. Is it just me, or have pumpkin patches gotten a lot more gimmicky than they used to be? I couldn't believe the prices just to get in, and then all the hidden costs inside. There were only about three activities the kids could do without us paying extra.

Let me get all old-lady for a second and say, "It just wasn't like that back in my day!" Or maybe it was, and I just didn't notice it?

Anyway, the kids were happy to be there. And the weather was great.

Plus, pumpkins are always a good time.

We went on a hay ride through the corn fields...

And braved the corn maze.

I was impressed with the cute illustrated signs (telling the story of Spookley the pumpkin) and proud of how quickly I was getting through the maze.

Then we came out and realized that was the kids' maze.

The real, adult, difficult maze was on the other side of the farm.

How embarrassing.

We all liked the petting zoo (featuring goats, sheep, chickens, etc.) and we really liked seeing the llamas, although we did not pet them.

Those guys are not the friendliest.

Of course I channeled my inner Yzma and declared, "A llama?! He's supposed to be dead!"

To me, all llamas are Kuzco.

After that we had a run-in with our favorite Blues Brothers!

We sure do love that movie.

We bought "honey straws" and apple cider donuts for Sunday's breakfast before we left.

Then we went home and ate cupcakes.

It was a good day.


  1. Isn't autumn just the best!? I love pumpkin patches and the colors and the weather and all the everything. :)

    1. Is autumn your favorite season? :) I do love all the fun seasonal changes, although I keep trying to put out of my mind the cold winter that I know is coming!