Thursday, October 17, 2013

Put-in-Bay, Ohio

Last vacation post, I promise! :)

After Mass at the local church Sunday morning, my family took the ferry to South Bass Island, specifically to Put-in-Bay. It's a darling little town that reminded us of Martha's Vineyard and Mackinac Island.

We ate delicious lobster bisque at the boardwalk (the sign said, "best soup in Ohio!") and strolled through the historic park. One of us noticed that Caroline's dog Skippy was small enough to fit in the display cannons, but despite the kids' best efforts he refused to go in. No cannons for this pup, but it was pretty funny watching their attempts.

Next we stopped for a visit at the little Catholic church on the island. It was beautiful to find Our Lord waiting there, the red candle burning brightly—a reminder that God is present in even the most remote places. 

Half a mile from the church was a chocolate cafe and museum. Of course we couldn't pass that up! We shared hot chocolate and milkshakes on the outdoor patio.

Next we went mini-golfing, and I totally got the best score of the girls on my team (Lillian and Cathy) ... which isn't saying much since we're all pretty terrible. My mom creamed us all with the best score of the whole family.

We took a rural route back to the harbor, passing several pretty vineyards and wineries. The island has a long history of vineyards and wine-making—in fact it's called one of the "Wine Islands" of Lake Erie.

We had a small scare on our walk back. A very large, scary-looking dog with no owner in sight bounded up to us and made a sudden dive for Skippy! We all freaked out and Cathy and Frank bravely chased him away—especially impressive from Cathy since she's normally pretty quiet, but she went right into Mama Grizzly mode. After the dog left, Caroline carried Skippy until we were safely back in town. 

The ferry ride home was beautiful and we ended the night with another great dinner and bonfire. Everyone agreed that my mom brought enough food to last us three months—we couldn't believe the number of dishes she was pulling out! All of it was delicious and I wish she could cook me dinner every night.

Monday we visited a few lighthouses and state parks before heading home, Lillian and Matt to Delaware and the rest of us back to Illinois. It was so great to see them and enjoy a relaxing little vacation. I'm grateful to my dad for planning the whole thing.


  1. These vacation photos are beautiful! I visited Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard a few years ago and, just like you said, these pictures remind me of those picturesque places! I believe that I belong near water :)

    1. Thanks, Mary Kate! They really do look similar, don't they? :)

      You sound like my husband, he grew up near the Jersey shore (though not THAT Jersey shore, haha) and he often mentions how much he misses the ocean. Hopefully Lake Erie was a good substitute for him!