Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Marblehead, Ohio

The whole family got geared up and loaded into my parents' 12-passenger van (affectionately known as the Swagger Wagon) for our long-weekend trip to Ohio. I love how little Joe looked with his giant Boy Scout backpack and stack of books for entertainment. 

Our first day in Ohio, the "big kids" (aka the marrieds) explored Marblehead with Mum while Dad took the littles to Cedar Point. While exploring a lighthouse keeper's home, we stumbled on a Civil War reenactment. I had to laugh—I don't go looking for reenactments, but somehow reenactments always find me!

Next we headed into the very pretty town of Sandusky, where we visited a few parks and the local maritime museum. We learned that Sandusky was a major point of passage on the Underground Railroad—its code name was "Hope." Townspeople often hired runaway slaves to help them earn money for their journey North, local lawyers defended them in trial, and sailors and captains gave them transport to Canada. The town has a proud history of freedom, displayed in park statues and museum exhibits.

We could see Cedar Point across the water and we joked that we could see Caroline on top of the tallest rollercoaster. We stopped at Toft's Creamery for some of the best ice cream of my life before meeting up with the rest of the family.  The day ended with Mum's famous pulled pork sandwiches around the bonfire and a family singalong. It was perfect.


  1. So fun! And love the photo of all the "married's" together! :)

  2. Tess, it sounds like you had a lovely weekend!! I have been meaning to comment and tell you I love reading each part of your love story!! So excited for each part, love it! Have a blessed evening.
    ♥ Becca