Saturday, October 19, 2013

South Bend, here we come!

Frank and I are heading to South Bend for the day to take in the ND-USC game.

As you can see, we've come to really love going to football games together, despite the inauspicious nature of our first one. :)

Frank is a much bigger Notre Dame football fan than I am. Whenever he makes fun of me for not knowing anything about the team, I say in my most superior voice, "I didn't go to Notre Dame for the football." It's true, although it doesn't stop him from teasing.

Every time we go to campus, the place is so crowded with people that I get disoriented, and Frank has to end up finding our way. Then he teases, "Which one of us went to this school??" It always makes me laugh.

We are so excited to see our friends—Emily, Joey, Conor and Elizabeth, Mary, and many others. Going back for games always feels like a big family reunion.

And by the way, a big hello to Anna, Courtney, and Elena from Yale who met my sister Lillian yesterday. Thanks for reading!

See you all when we get back!


  1. I know practically nothing about football, even though it's been explained to me over and over and over again!

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