Monday, December 23, 2013

The Christmas Pageant Drinking Game!*

*Also suitable for holiday concerts, school plays, and any theatrical performance involving small children

Last Friday I had the profound pleasure of attending my little sister's elementary school holiday pageant. I didn't expect to be entertained, but honestly, it was the most fun I'd had in weeks. 

Have you been to a holiday pageant lately? Those things are hilarious. My mom and I were wiping tears of laughter from our eyes throughout the whole thing.

Frank made the mistake of choosing bowling with friends over the Christmas pageant—missing out on the comedy show of a lifetime. I made sure to text him everything he was missing, and at some point I realized, This show would make an amazing drinking game (or Bingo for the more mature). Frank told me to write it all down for when we have kids, and I thought maybe you guys might get a laugh out of it too.

The Christmas Pageant Drinking Game

Take a shot every time...

A child noticeably whispers to another kid on stage

A child coming on stage gets really excited and waves to a parent in the audience

A child gets too shy to look at the audience and turns his head away to bury it in his teacher's leg

A child claps/kicks in the opposite direction from the rest of the class for the duration of a song

A child comes on stage dressed as a cow

A child wildly mispronounces a word in his solo speech

A shepherd's mom apparently just gave up and his "costume" is a safety-pinned towel

Take two shots if a child gets so visibly bored he starts bouncing up and down on his heels and rolling his eyes (the audience will notice and keel over from laughter)

Take two shots for fake accents of any kind (Our play had faux German accents. Feliz Navidad totally counts.)

Take three shots if a child dressed like a star takes center stage and twirls

Now you're all set for the next time you're invited to a small relative's performance. Have fun! 


  1. What a wonderful idea! I love going to young children' s pageants, plays, etc. The one time my little sister (7 years old at the time) had a ballet recital. She had worked hard since she was going to be doing a little dance all by herself. I was sitting in my seat watching her dance with the other little ballerinas. All the others went offstage and my sister started her dance. She then seemed to realize all eyes were on her and stopped for a moment. Then she said, "Oh, sorry! I just had an awful attack of stage fright!" Everyone started clapping for her. She curtsied and walked off the stage.

    1. Aw, that's too cute! I love how she managed to collect herself enough to explain to the audience that she had stage fright. Quite the confident move for a little girl!