Wednesday, January 29, 2014

5 Favorites: Pregnancy Edition!

This week I've been gushing to friends and family about some favorite items that have been lifesavers this pregnancy. I thought you might enjoy hearing about them too!

*Note: Male readers may wish to skip this post.

1. Bra extenders

Oh my goodness, I can't stop singing the praises of this little device. How did I never know they existed before? I only had one pre-pregnancy bra that still fit, until I picked one of these up at Motherhood Maternity last week, and it's kind of changed my life. Now I can wear ALL THE BRAS again! Best part? It's only $1.98. Absolute favorite pregnancy purchase, hands down. After hearing me gush about it for the 100th time yesterday, Frank said, "You should write about it on your blog." Translation: go tell other pregnant women who care. :P

2. Grace Patton's magical body scrub

My skin has been so dry this winter, until I tried her super simple recipe. My skin felt so soft and smooth afterward that Frank asked if I was using a new soap! Highly, highly recommend this stuff. The recipe is just 1/4 cup coffee grounds + 1 tbsp olive oil. Super easy and you probably have all the ingredients. Slather all over your body (I found it too abrasive for my face but you can use it there too), rinse, and enjoy the magic of silky skin.

3. Old Navy yoga pants


I have two pairs from pre-pregnancy and I pretty much live in them. They're so amazingly comfortable and stretchy—I'm in the third trimester and they're still going strong with no signs of getting too tight. Best of all, they can totally be dressed up with a nice top and worn in public... at least that's what I tell myself. I've hit the point in the pregnancy where I pretty much only go to social events where it's acceptable to wear my yoga pants ... as my friends can attest. Right, Giedre? ;)

4. Free prenatal yoga videos on YouTube

Pregnancy comes with a lot of aches and pains, from lower-back aches to pelvic soreness (I didn't even know pelvises could get sore!). The one thing I've found to always help is a good session of yoga. All that stretching and breathing works magic on my body—after yoga I feel restored to "the good old days" pre-pregnancy, when my body acted like its real age of 24 instead of age 65 like it sometimes feels. I'm taking a weekly prenatal yoga class which I absolutely love, and between classes I like to do the 10-minute workouts on the Body Talk channel. The first video is here and from there you can click through to the other five. (Bonus: the instructor has an awesome British accent!)

5.  My "majestic dress" from Seraphine Maternity

Every pregnant lady needs at least one elegant dress for formal occasions, and I had my eye on this one forever. Kate Middleton actually wore a version of it when she was expecting! I asked my parents for it for Christmas, and after hearing the Princess Kate story, they call it my "majestic dress." It's comfortable, really pretty in person, and not crazy expensive like a lot of maternity wear. Frank and I are going to a wedding this weekend for some dear friends, and I'm really looking forward to rocking the majestic dress.

Those are a few of my must-have pregnancy items, but I'm only 6-ish months into this thing, so I might have to add a few more later. I would love to hear from you—what are your pregnancy favorites? I'm always looking for new ideas!

Thank you to sweet Hallie for hosting!


  1. I really need to stop clicking on all your blog links - now all my Facebook ads are pregnancy related! That bra extender is a brilliant idea.

    1. ha, that's hilarious! Isn't it amazing? I can't believe it's not the #1 item on every pregnant woman's "must have" list. It would even be useful for non-pregnant women if you have a favorite bra that's gotten a little tight, or you want to buy one that's a little too small on you (I've totally done that because it was so cute, haha). Glad you liked it!

  2. Oh Tess, I can't tell you how excited I am too see your pregnancy faves!! Plus, I am saving all your suggestions for when I become a mama...♥ Can't help it, the big day is coming!! lol And I would sooo wear your Majestic Dress in a heart beat, BEAUTIFUL and the Kate Middleton part, sure makes it even sweeter! Have fun at the wedding this weekend.

  3. I must have missed the first announcement, but I've been waiting to hear about a Barber baby! So happy for you!

  4. I must have missed the first announcement, but I've been waiting to hear about a Barber baby! So happy for you!

  5. HA! I'm totally in agreement with your first commentor (Laura). I've already got all of the internet sending me every sort of wedding ad possible: don't need to add babies to that (yes...;)

    Also: if your skin is super dry (which mine always is in the winter), consider buying some coconut oil, too. It smells AMAZING, is super natural and organic, and has a million other uses (my mom raves about it constantly.) One drawback is that it is super greasy, but I just use it at night. That way I can wake up with my face still feeling moisturized.