Friday, March 28, 2014

Nature on Tap + Maternity photo tips?

Have you heard of How About We? I found out about it from Natalie's fun posts about going on 10 curated dates with her husband.

Her blog inspired me to check out their dates for Chicago, but I never scheduled any because Frank wasn't really into the idea ("We don't need someone else to plan our dates") until one day Giedre mentioned that she also wanted to try How About We, and her fiance Vincas was equally uninterested. Ah-ha! An ally!

So the two of us began conspiring to get the menfolk on a curated date. It took forever to find a day that worked with all of our schedules, and even longer to find a date that all of us wanted to go on, but finally the stars aligned and Tuesday night we found ourselves at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum for their fun adults-only event Nature on Tap.

We didn't quite know what to expect, but the evening was a lot of fun. Even Frank, the skeptic, said it was more fun than he expected. We toured the museum exhibits, enjoyed craft beers and hot sandwiches, and competed in an intense game of nature trivia. You know how we love a good trivia night. Frank and Vincas took their trivia very seriously, pausing occasionally to give Giedre and me the stink-eye as we talked through the whole thing. Whoops. Well, we had a lot to catch up on. :)

And we got to visit the butterfly haven!

It was so nice to see a bit of greenery after this long, cold winter. 

This post is definitely not sponsored (I wish!) but if you're looking for some fun date ideas near you, I recommend giving How About We a try. We really liked it, and we hope to use their service again soon!

Also, a quick question for any moms out there. Giedre and I are planning a maternity photo shoot for once the weather gets a bit warmer. I'm extremely excited about it, but also a little nervous! I guess my worry is that I don't want to come across too cheesy, but I still want to capture all the emotions and excitement of this time. If you've done something like that, do you have any tips or recommendations? (I pinned some of my favorite ideas here.)

Of course, working with Giedre, I know there is no need to worry. Frank and I were looking at her portfolio the other day, and he kept saying, "Did she take all these?? Man! She's good!" It cracked me up. I was like, "Yes, you know she's been doing this for years!" :)

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