Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Best photographer in Chicagoland

Do you live in or near Chicago? Do you need a photographer?

May I recommend Giedre?

Inspired by Lindsay's pregnancy photo tradition, I wanted to start the same tradition in our family.

I tell you, it takes some talent to make a woman feel pretty at eight months pregnant! But Giedre is amazing at what she does and she did just that.

Giedre is so much fun to work with. Usually I feel kind of awkward having my photo taken, but she gave us perfectly clear directions and joked around to put us at ease. She even put up with Frank's smart-aleck remarks the whole time. :p

There is something so cool about seeing your friends "at work." Even though Giedre and I have been friends for a while, I'd never seen her in "photographer mode" before. It gave me a whole new respect for her!

Giedre told me these photos are just a "sneak peek," a teaser of what's to come. If this is the sneak peek, I can't even imagine how great the final photos will be! I'm so looking forward to having them around our house and in the baby's photo album.

Thank you so much, Giedre! And again, here is her website. You will love working with her!

Update: I wanted to add this great post by Kathryn, in case anyone is on the fence about getting maternity photos done. Like she says, it's so worth it!


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    1. Thank you Iris! It's all Giedre and her magic. :)

  2. These are absolutely stunning! If I didn't have a photographer of a sister, I might consider a move to Chicago ;-)

  3. Ah, these truly are lovely.You are gorgeous. ♥

  4. You guys are so cute I just can't stand it :P

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    1. Thank you Mariah! It's all Giedre's magic, I swear. Somehow she made a chilly spring day look like fairyland!

  6. Wow! You're so pretty and the photos are great! I think that when I get married I'm going to have to move to the Chicago area. (Or maybe find some way to pay for Giedre to come to me:) ) The picture of you and Frank with the water in the background is lovely, but so are the others:) You and baby are in my prayers!

    1. Kate, thanks so much! You should totally come to Chicago to get married—her photography is worth it. :) We are so grateful for your prayers!

  7. Those are gorgeous!! That top is perfect! I know you will cherish these for years to come.

  8. You *three* are too cute! I LOVE the one by the lake!

  9. These are JUST the nicest! Can't believe your baby is almost here! YAY :)