Friday, August 14, 2015

Giveaway + podcast interview!

In my friendships with other Catholic moms, the one thing I hear everyone crying out for is community. We all want it, we all need it, and we're all trying to build it.

Ideally you can get that community from your friends in person, but that's not always possible in today's world. The next best thing is finding that community online or in books, and one place that I've found that feeling of community is in Michele's fantastic new book, Rosaries Aren't {Just} for Teething

Michele collected reflections on each mystery of the Rosary from Catholic mom bloggers (most of whose names you'll probably recognize!). These women are in the trenches of motherhood, and they get it—the difficulty but also the joy of being a mother, and the importance of having Mama Mary by your side. This is a great book to take to prayer, and read slowly so you can really savor and enjoy it!

I'm giving away one e-book copy of Rosaries Aren't {Just} for Teething. Good luck friends!! 

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Also, Amy and Michele invited me to be a guest on their "Little House Mothering" podcast—such an honor!! I had a blast chatting with them about so many fun topics! Hope you guys enjoy it!


  1. We have a group that meets at a local park. It is a lovely Catholic family community.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! It was SO very fun to chat :)

  3. We have a local "young adult" group in Lincoln that meets every so often, and finding new mom friends there has been my favorite thing about it!

  4. We have an awesome Catholic mom's group around here but library storytime has probably afforded more close to home friendships!

  5. I am a full time working mom and feel very blessed that I will soon be a stay at home mom. After this transition takes place, I hope to meet other stay at home moms through local home schooling groups.

  6. The catholic faith moves the individual to live his/her faith as a community. I form part a Christian Life Community (CLC) - we follow Ignatian spirituality. The community has helped me to grow as a person and in my relationship with Jesus. I know that I can turn to my community for support when needed and for sharing life experiences - like a second family.

  7. I need to find more time to listen to these fun mommy podcasts - I'm so excited to listen to your guest episode :)

  8. Great information Ideally you can get that community from your friends in person, but that's not always possible in today's world. The next best thing is finding that community online.Thanks for sharing.........

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  9. Loved listening to your interview on the podcast!!

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