Thursday, January 19, 2017

Introducing our girl

Catherine Rose was born on Halloween. I'm going to have to start figuring out how to handle a Halloween birthday party from now on! She goes by many nicknames, mostly Kate or Katie Rose. She is the sweetest, squishiest little person and makes us all so happy.

Photos thanks to my dear friend Giedre of Walking Dot Photography

Matching kimonos thanks to my sister Catherine, our little Catherine's godmother. She's rocking the fairy godmother role already!

The new big brother and cousin trying to help burp the baby  - cracks me up!

About the birth... I tried to have a VBAC with a very supportive midwife group, but despite another horrible, long labor with a posterior baby, I ended up with another c-section. Eventually I will blog the birth story. Not yet. It's too soon. I'm heartbroken that I had to have another c-section. But I'm completely in love with my darling baby and so grateful she is here, safe and sound.


  1. Congratulations! I was a Halloween birthday! My advice is actually not to have a Halloween themed birthday and try to treat it as normal as possible.

  2. Congrats! C-sections are rough. It is hard to talk about it, especially when other mom's birth stories go so smoothly. You have a beautiful gift from God and that is what is important.

  3. What a beautiful baby with a beautiful name. (And those matching kimonos? Swoon!)


  4. Congratulations! She is beautiful!