Friday, December 15, 2017

Conversations with Iggy

Terrible lighting but it's borderline impossible to get a pic of Mr. Contrary really smiling these days!

I have been recording funny things my 3yo son says, for over a year and a half, in a note on my phone! I figured it was time to share some of these gems.

The first few are from when he was 2, when his speech wasn't as clear (but so cute!). The rest are from the past 6-ish months when he talks mostly like an adult. So I've marked them into two separate sections.

Comments from age 2:

Any time I cleaned his hands with a wet washcloth:
"Thank you said the Little hands!"

After I went to the grocery store:
"Oh! You got me avocados?? Wow! You a good mama!"

"Donald" the reindeer (the name changed every time)

When something went wrong:
"Uh oh! Sup-a-ghetti oh!"

When he was excited (trying to say "yay"):
"Lay! Lay!"

Comments from age 3:

"If I were a dinosaur would God still love me? Even if I rawr at him?"

After my parents took him to a local Civil War reenactment:
"Mama, in this life, there are real soldiers. But they don't kill you. They just are friendly."

One day at preschool, the teacher reported that Frankie had colored all over his arms with markers. When he got home, I asked him why he did it and he said,
"I was making TATTOOS!!"

After his first time carpooling to school with his BFF Frances:
Him: Can I go in Frances's car again?
Me: Yes, you will tomorrow. Do you like going in her car?
Him: yep.
Me: why do you like going in Frances' car?
Him: because she's so sweet. And she's beautiful.

"I want Dada to be the zookeeper instead of the dad. Me and Kate can be animals. Actually penguins."

"My daddy is so big and strong! Bigger than tropic world!"
(Tropic World is the monkey house at the zoo.)

"If Daddy comes to gym class, I can teach him to play football."

Randomly in the middle of the day:
"I know what Daddy is doing right now! He's having tea at his office."

One day he was working at his art table and I heard him say "hey that's my spot!" ... to the other chair... which was empty.

Describing his use of colored pencils:
"They sound like the wind because they shiver."

We argue pretty much every day about whether or not his beloved local train store is open right now.

One day at preschool, the teacher couldn't figure out which sweatshirt belonged to him. She asked him if his name was in his sweatshirt, and he replied, "I'm 3T!"

I was explaining marriage one day, and I told him that Frank and I always have to take care of each other if one of us is sick. He replied,
"Mama, you were so sick when you had Kate, and Dada took care of you... Can we get a new baby now? ... Can we have 17 babies?"

"You're not the best mom actually, because you always say it's time to leave and it's NOT."

One day he told me his toy shark is named "narwhal zoom-zom finger-pop" and "he's a football player" and "he runs around all the goals."

"Mama, I love you more than the moon and stars. I love you more than kate or daddy. I love you the BEST." 😭

"I'm a frog who blessed the rains in Africa."

On All Saints Day, we were talking about all the different saints we could think of.
Me: there are four Saint Theresas. St Teresa of Avila, St Teresa of Calcutta, St Teresa Benedicta of the cross, and St Therese of the Little Flower.
Him: and one more!
Me: who??
Him: you!

Describing Kate:
"Aww, look at her little chubby hands!"

Randomly before Thanksgiving:
"Mama, tonight when we are sleeping, Santa is going to rise from the dead!"

"Mama, you are so pretty. You are more pretty than the moon and stars and PASTA!"

Once when Kate destroyed his train track:
"Kate, you are the wickedest and snares of the devil."
(He got that from the Saint Michael the Archangel prayer)

Describing Thanksgiving:
"First they were all England people. But the king wanted to put them in prison. So they went on a ship to the Indians, and then a big feast!"

While sharing his dinner with Kate:
“I gave the little walrus some meat!”

We walked past two cement mixers and he said:
“Thank you guys for your hard work making the sidewalk! Mama, I hope they are done soon so we can walk on it.”

"Mama, can you leave the keys in the car so I can drive myself to preschool tomorrow?”

He wanted his cousin to come over for a sleepover and said he wanted to share his pajamas with him.
Me: why can't he wear his own pajamas?
Him: because if you have a lot of pajamas, you should share them!
Me: who told you that?
Him: ... my Lord!

Me: What did you get me for Christmas?
Him, whispering and patting my arm: It’s a surpriiiiiise.

When Frank explained that he couldn't stay home from work and play:
"Tell your boss that Iggy said you should stay home today!"