Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My First Guinness

Sunday night, the London Program sponsored a dinner for the students and faculty. First was Mass at Sts. Anselm and Cecilia, the oldest continuously Catholic church in the UK. It was part of the Portuguese embassy so even Henry VIII couldn't shut it down.

The priest welcomed us to London, and as soon as Mass was over, we strolled around the block to a gorgeous pub called the Knights Templar. It was there that I had my first Guinness, right after my first Mass in London.

How Catholic, right
? Chesterton said, "I had to become a Catholic because its the only church that does not see a contradiction between a pint, a pipe and a pew."

But back to the story. Let me set the scene.

The ceiling was decorated with monks and crusaders:

A noble knight stood guard behind the bar:

And my friends taught me the proper way to drink a Guinness. Elbow held high, eyes to the horizon.

The Verdict: I didn't like it. It was much too bitter and John (middle) had to finish it for me. I think I'm more of a Kahlua & Cream kinda girl.

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